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We provide the latest advancements in dental and computer technology which allow our patients to have safer, more comfortable and relaxed dental experience. By using instant digital radiography, the amount of radiation used to take each x-ray is reduced by 50%. We also use chair-side computing for up to the second accuracy as well a being a fast and efficient method for checking in and out.

We provide our patients with state of the art specialty needs 
in Periodontics and Dental Implant Treatment .
  • Dental implant surgery - dental implants.
  • Periodontal plastic surgery (gum surgery that will make your teeth look more esthetic). 
  • Surgical and non-surgical periodontal therapy (gum surgery and deep cleaning of the gum and teeth). 
  • Intravenous conscious sedation.  
  • Digital radiography and imaging
  • Implant site preparation /pre-implant reconstructive surgery of the edentulous ridge ( hard and soft tissue grafting to provide with optimal bone volume and soft tissue for implant placement ).
  • Laser assisted periodontal therapy for those cases who are a candidate for this type of treatment .
  • All of the above and more in a friendly environment where you can enjoy watching your favorite movie or listen to your favorite radio station while in the dental chair !  
The Latest Materials in Regenerative Therapy and Dental Implants:

"Raising the standard of excellence" -- Throughout years of experience , Dr. Kelk has chosen the highest quality in materials and equipments that she uses to treat her patients.  She uses Straumann implant system ( Swiss-made dental implants ) which is supported by many decades of study to provide the highest standard of care for her patients. This results in extremely high success rates both functionally and esthetically .  A few weeks after the implant is placed ,once the bone has remodeled around the implants and the foundation is stable, a small connector ( abutment )  is attached to them.Your new replacement teeth, which will be custom made with both functional and cosmetic needs in mind, will be firmly attached to the 
abutment . The results are just AMAZING !

Thanks to Straumann's unique collaboration with the ITI (International Team for Implantology), the latest research results are incorporated directly into Straumann  product developments. 

The Straumann® Dental Implant System is extensively documented in long-term clinical studies – proof of its reliability. 
The ITI is a renowned and independent organization of more than 300 leading experts who work together with us in the areas of research, development and training. This collaboration guarantees that the products and methods we offer are scientifically well-founded, extensively documented and clinically proven to ensure the successful treatment of patients with any indication.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". - Leonardo da Vinci
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